Sponsor: Airsoftshop

It is my absolute pleasure to announce that Forest Phantoms is joining hands with Airsoftshop.be. This alliance will help to strengthen our team and make sure we have the right gear and equipment. Details of our agreement can be found HERE. All Forest Phantom members can instantly benefit from this agreement.

Please note that the TEAM GEAR page will be updated shortly with products from Airsoftshop. May I ask all members again to first consider buying the listed items.

A few highlights from Airsoftshop’s product range:

  • Supplier of Tokyo Marui, WE, Krytac, KWA, … guns.
  • Supplier of Extreme Precision and Valken BB’s.
  • Supplier of Warrior Assault Systems plate carriers.
  • Supplier of UF PRO, Claw Gear and Invader gear clothing.

Let the gear-up begin!

– FP01 Out

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Sports Challenge: The Spartacus Run

Hi Guys, it’s time for Forest Phantoms’ first sports challenge!

To whip you all into shape, we would like to train for- and participate in the Spartacus Run in 2018. The event will take place in “De Schorre” in Boom. It’s a 10 km run combined with 30 obstacles. Last year the average completion speed was around 1 hour 45 minutes.

The event takes place on the 29th of April 2018!

Who’s in? Lets discuss HERE.

– FP01 Out

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Debriefing Crimi Events @ The Chambers 03/12/2017

So today we went to a game knowing it would be cold and dirty. Most people would choose to spend their Sunday at home where it is nice and cosy. But behold, 12 people show up!

The game started of with a game of capture the flag(s). 9 flags where placed at random positions in the game. We had to capture and hold as many as possible. The spawning points where closer together than they normally are. Likely because of the cold it was decided that people would not like to run as far as normal. The horn sounded and we rushed forward. The buildings got crowded with people from all teams and the field was very chaotic. People from bleu where in the upper rooms while oranje was in the basement. After about 30 minutes we already had possession of 4 flags. At this point it became crucial to keep the flags, but the flag carriers had an advantage in combat as well. After being show they could remain immobile and be back in game after 60 seconds. At some point myself an FP03 managed to break away, circle all the way round the base and we ended up all the way at their spawn. Without losing the flags. Pretty funny… In the end, our team held 5 flags and the other team held 4 flags.

In the afternoon we had to find bases and raise the team flags. After that was all set and done, we had to acquire a prisoner with a bomb, manage to get him into the basement under the roof, fire up the bomb and protect it for another 30 minutes. Once the game started, we rushed the buildings in the center of the map. Very quickly, we where able to trap the enemy team from rushing in. This resulted in some skirmishes around the building but ultimately we kept it secured. After this another part of the team managed to find the bomb and prisoner. A first attempt to get him inside the building failed due to heavy resistance and fire from the cellar. Once we gathered all troops, we managed to launch an assault with a good 20 people, quickly taking over the entire flank and building. The team dug in and cleaned the remaining 2 blues in the cellar. (Which was tricky in pitch black and an area full of smokes.) The 10 last minutes passed with no notable resistance and the game was won.

2 out of 2 games won. Good points all round. Still waiting on the first game where we get our asses kicked but so far we are in fully in the positive.

I have to say I am very proud of far we have come as a team. Everyone is putting in his part. The new recruits performed great! Good communication and good teamplay.

Let’s keep it up!

FP01 out.



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Debriefing Ape Industries @ Preventatorium 18/11/2017

We had never heard of Ape industries before, but suddenly we saw a message on facebook about a location called preventatorium. Mega CQB? What the hell did that mean anyway. We were only 4 today but that did not keep us from killing it! Carlos, Rubel, Samuel and myself knew from the start we had a super squad.

The terrain was amazing. Everywhere there where tables to put your gear, the building itself was great and full of graffiti. A gang of nice chicks from the organization made sure everything went smooth. I can only say this day and place where awesome.

We were part of team yellow today. Yellow spawned all the way on top of the building. The elevation was very steep. GO! Our team rushed down and was able to pin the other team down at the bottom and flank them in their backs. Badass. Every player got a yellow or red card that the opposition had to acquire. Upon death, the player had to hold up the card for 15 seconds and if you were able to reach the player, you got the card. Within 10 minutes, the Phantoms had already collected about 15 cards. From that point, onward it was on to exploring the terrain. From room to room and floor to floor. The yellow team broke through all opposing forces. After this winning streak, they moved us to the basement so we had to work our way up, but even that didnt help. The maze of rooms, hallways, corridors and stairs was sometimes very confusing as we were clearing the rooms tactically. Luckily because we stuck together, our team performed great.

In the afternoon, there was a mission in which you had to charge a cellphone, enter a pincode and cellphone number and find a text message. Very cool! We had all components except the message but then we were moved to team red for balance. But… team red didn’t even have the cellphone yet so we had to start over. After half an hour of pushing and pulling, we had all components and made sure team red had their first win of the day. During the last mission team yellow had to put 3 wounded on a stretcher and get them back in the base. (We are now on team red.) They didn’t even get close thanks to FP’s tactical set-up.

All in all, a great day! Amazing location and great organization. As always it was great to be on the best team. FP all the way.

FP03 Out

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FP Tshirts are here!

Big thanks to FP05 for making arrangements for the tshirts. They are finally here!

Also a big thank you to QTAC for sponsoring part of the expenses!

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