Code Of Conduct

1) Code of Conduct

  • Have fun.
    • The first and foremost rule is to always have fun. We are in essence still playing a game and while we take it very serious, always remember that this is a game.
  • Aggression is NOT allowed.
    • In the heath of the moment, adrenaline can kick in. This can cause normally rational people to go berserk. Mental and physical abuse are NOT allowed. This is both bad for you as a player and makes our team look bad. Don’t do it.
  • Play as a team.
    • During Milsim games and otherwise, winning or losing depends on us playing together as a team. Because of this, we ask everyone to do their part. We are not a band of lone wolves.
    • If officers give you a goal or task to perform, we ask that you try to full-fill this to the best of your abilities.
    • That being said, we also understand that sniper teams operate best when they are detached from the main assault squad(s).
  • Stick to the field rules.
    • Every airsoft field has a set of rules, you are expected not to break these rules. We have good relations with some major airsoft organisations (E.g. Crimi Events) and would like to keep it that way.
  • Respect the other team.
    • Yes, team blue is composed of a bunch of losers, I know. But we all started playing airsoft without knowledge and gear. You are expected to be respectful of other players.
  • Take your hits.
    • This is both mandatory and self explicatory. Don’t be a dick.

2) Recruitment & Evaluation Policy

Please find below the conditions to join and stay in the Forest Phantoms airsoft team:

  • Members need to play at LEAST 2 team games per year. Only if there is a valid reason for not being able to comply this rule is void.
    • Valid reasons for not participating in this rule: Disease & sickness, Temporarily living abroad, Family expansion.
  • New members are expected to advance their gear to a complete kit based on assault or sniper load-out as listed under the gear page of this website.
    • At the end of every year we will evaluate your gear progression.
    • You are not expected to have a full gear set within the year.
    • If we are unhappy with your gear progression, we will inform you and give you enough time to build your kit.
    • You are not expected to have a 1-on-1 exact load-out with the gear listed on the gear page. However, as we are a team we would like you to use this page as a goal.
    • You are expected to use an airsoft replica with decent range and accuracy. There are several topics on this website dedicated to enhancing your weapon’s performance. Having a backup weapon is advised. If you need help, contact us.
    • Our team camo is Multicam (Gen3+) + OD Green. ATACS FG is of course also allowed as this used to be the teams colour before they stopped producing the camo altogether. If you have the choice to assemble a new kit, we would like you to opt for Multicam + OD Green. In Essence, it comes down to this:
      1. Pants = Multicam Gen 3+
      2. Loadout / Chestrig = Multicam Gen 3+
      3. Top/Shirt/Jacket = OD Green
  • You are expected to buy and use a compatible voice comm set.
    • Our team uses Midland G9 walkies as standard comms. These comms have 24 channels as opposed to the standard 8 channels on public radio’s. As we use these additional channels for more privacy it is advised to get a similar radio. TRI 152 / Boafeng type radio systems are also allowed. You can configure these to work on the same frequencies and tones as the Midland radio’s.
    • You can find a link to the voice comm gear at the bottom of the gear page.
    • Legislation for using Comms in BE & NL can be found here.

3) Membership Fee

  • Every Forest Phantom member contributes 20 EUR / year to the yearly infrastructure. This budget is used to host the website, domain name, buy the Forest Phantoms team patches and any other costs the team has. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL.
  • Membership fee will be paid in January of that year.
  • For new members that join after January, you are expected to pay the team contribution after receiving the third team-patch and becoming a full team members.
  • If you are kicked from the team for whatever reason, including the rules listed above, you are not entitled to get this contribution back. You are responsible for your own behavior.

If you are interested in joining our team, please send your application using our APPLICATION FORM.