New registration for Airsoft events

Dear Forest Phantoms members

From now on, all members can register for all planned Airsoft events on our website. You will even be able to see all other members participating.

If you’re not that good at tech, follow the step by step guide below on how to register for an event. If you have any questions you can ask your question in the comments below this post and we will help.

From now on, we will register all participating members, 7 days before the skirm takes place. If you have to cancel make sure that you UNregister before that time. Otherwise we will expect you to turn up on the day of the skirm. Any fees for not attending are for you. (see below for more info)

To register for an event:

  1. Make sure that you are logged in (The event page will only display for members.)
  2. Go to the event-page on our website.
  3. Scroll down to the register button.
  4. Hit the register button.
  5. Fill out the fields (correctly!) and press send.
  6. You are now registered!

Make sure you fill out the form correctly:

  • Your Full name: Jan Janssens
  • Your FP number: FP99
  • Your email
  • Your role: Assault, Sniper, Medic, Support Gunner

To UNregister:

  1. Make sure that you are logged in (The event page will only display for members.)
  2. Go to the event-page on our website.
  3. Scroll down to the register button.
  4. Hit the unregister link, next to the register button.
  5. confirm your email that was used to register and press “send”.
  6. Go to the mail on your email and verify it by clicking the link. (This step is necessary!)
  7. You are now unregistered.

* Lastly, we will also be able to track member attendance during the year. And… There will be a price for the FP-member with the highest attendance every year. This year, we plan so have a brand new TM-Handgun as price!*

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Debriefing Crimi Events @ The Chambers 18/08/2019

Today we had a special day, our boy Dany’s birtday. Congrats buddy.

During holiday season, we are typically running smaller teams than usual. But even though a lot of rain was forecasted, 7 FP’s showed up.

The first half of the day started with an assignment to control several base points on the map. We started on the far end as team blue. Our first tactic was to rush to the “vila” point on the map and take this as a strategic stronghold. Once the signal was given, the rush was on. We quickly managed to clear all hostiles and take the building for ourselves. After this point a lot of back & forth pushing went on in and around the Vila. Sever times we had to go down into the cellar levels to clear hostiles. After a while the marshals called the game and blue won.

During the second half, the goals was to get the “terminator” with a bomb to several base points on the field. We started out on the opposite side of the map, quickly rushing the chamber’s main building and pushing for the upper floor and roof structure. After about 5 minutes, we managed to control the roof and with that, most of the map. Focus shifted from defending the roof to getting the bombs to the right location. FP03 organised the push and managed to blow up the first few locations. Next up we tried to push the base at Vila, but this time the field was full of team red. Rushing around we managed to clear some of the resistance and flank the field. Ultimately gaining enough time to blow up the objective. After this, with 4/5 objectives destroyed, most members of team red called it a day and went home.

All in all, another great performance by our team. The whole day it was raining cats & dogs and we where soaked to the core, but it didn’t matter. FP pushed on.

Thanks for your efforts guys! Goon win.

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Can airsoft skills translate to real firearms?

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Debriefing The Chambers 17/02/2019

This weekend our team got split up and played at the shelter and at The Chambers. This debrief is about our game at the chambers with four players: FP05,FP16,FP44,FP29.

The day started of great, we had great weather for starters and I felt it was going to be a promising day.

However when we arrived at the briefing we quickly realized that it would be a crowded day, this because of a famous youtuber/airsofter (Kicking Mustang) from the UK came over  so that might be why we had over 150 players joining the game.

The missions that day were :Find fuel cans secure dynamite and destroy the enemy stronghold with it (rooftop).

With only us four we managed to stick together for most part of the game. Thanks to our comms we took some strategic points multiple times

I was lucky to have great team members on my side and together with the great weather it was an awesome day!

See you guys soon

FP05 Out

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Seasons greetings from the Forest Phantoms! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and skirm-filled new year!

– Team Forest Phantoms

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