FP Balaclava Design

We continue to test new gear and methods to get better. Using existing masks on the market and teeth protector, we realized this method is not optimal. Therefor we have modified a bataclava to also protect our teeth.

  • Advantages of this system:
  • Does not interfere with other gear like headset.
  • You can still align the stock of your gun with your cheek for proper aim.
  • A balaclava reduces the sweat from your forehead, therefore not fogging your glasses. Even in summer!

Below I will try to explain how to build one of these face protection balaclavas in full detail. Feel free to comment at the bottom of this page with any questions.

Materials needed:

Tools needed:

  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Needle + thread (preferably green or brownish colour)
  • Some clips to hold the fabric in place

Step 1: Cut a hole in the balaclava

Let’s begin!

First step is to draw the area where you will cut the hole for your mouth.

Step 2: Glue & Sew nose and chin protection

Now that we cut our hole, it’s time to prepare the mouth guard. Take it out of the packaging and bend it to the shape of your face.

Step 3: Sewn the mouth guard into the balaclava

Sew all the way across the other rim of the mouth guard. Make sure all fabric is secured and no peaces are loose. Go over the entire mouth guard at least twice so the sewn threads are strong enough to keep the mouth guard secured under stress. Airsoft is an active sport and will break anything that is not securely into place.

Step 9: Final product

Now that everything is finished, you can go out and have some fun with it. Hopefully I can save some teeth with this post! ;-)

And there you have it. Good luck! Post your questions below.