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TRMR special delivery!

Good news guys, the TRMR delivery has arrived! Look at all these shining beauties! My predictions for our next game at The Chambers:

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FP Number Patches arrived!

Our little package arrived today. Don’t forget to claim your number patch next game!

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[Video] Final Stand

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Team Patches restocked

Good news, the teampatches have been restocked! This means we can now again hand them out to the members that still didn’t get their 3 patches, or new recruits.

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Debriefing The Chambers 25/02/2018

Fellow Phantoms, below the short debrief of our game last Sunday. It was going to be the coldest airsoft day of the year at -5 degrees. Still we show up with 11 people! Good showup. The game started out with … Continue reading

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