Forest Phantoms is an ambitious Airsoft team from Belgium. The team consists off a group of experienced airsoft players from the Antwerp region in Belgium age 20 – 60. In an attempt of setting up a close and good performing team we are actively screening players we encounter in the field. It is our hopes to closer coordinate game-play and plan events together. We try to push ourselves on and outside of the field.

The team was founded years ago by FP02 & FP01 while playing on our (then) home field at Airsoft Schoten during a D-Tag event. This area consisted of a thick forest, dense bushes and a lot of elevation. It is from this location that we developed our typical “Hunt & Sneak” tactics. On top of that it was crucial to have a good mix of assault and sniper classes. This combination resulted in the team name. “Forest Phantoms“.

Our team camo is a blend of Multicam (Pants+Load-out) + OD Green (Shirt / Jacket). The load-out used to be ATACS FG until that camo was taken out of production, at which point we switched. We have created our own gear kit of what we found to be effective during our games. The gear is in no way trying to imitate a real special forces load-out.

Below some pictures of the expansion of the team:

Barchon. 25 of our 45 members are present. Our team has grown to become one of the largest teams in Belgium.

The Chambers. Many new members have joined us over the last years.

Givet. Jasper, JP and Sven join the team.



Schoten. First of the disciples. Dominique joins the team.


Schoten. One of our very first games ever.


Schoten. This is the earliest picture we have. FP02 sniping during a winter game.