Team Shirts

Hey Guys,

We will be ordering Forest Phantoms Team Shirts soon which will have the Logo in small print on the front right side, and a large logo combined with the website on the back. The Tshirts will be Khaki coloured as to be neutral enough to be worn under plate carriers on hot summer days. Shirt brand is B&C.

We need to order a minimum of 25 shirts, otherwise the order will be invalid. I invite all members to participate in this action. Costs are 34 EUR per Shirt, all sizes are available. Out of the 34 EUR, 10 EUR will go directly to pay for Forest Phantoms infrastructure (Website, Team Patch, …) so orders will support our team and growth!

There is a poll running on our Facebook page to pick your shirt size. Check it out HERE.

Orders have to placed before the end of July.

Thanks FP05 for the hard work in getting this done!

-FP01 out

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FP01, Founder, Administrator, Airsoft Player.
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