Debriefing The Chambers 21/05/2017

Hey guys, below our debriefing of the last game at The Chambers.

We had a considerable team yesterday with 11 people showing up. The weather was nice and sunny and temperatures ramping up to 25 degrees. God it was hot.

Overall this game was a bit overpopulated. I heard from the management that about 130 people had shown up. For next games lets hope they keep it around 80 – 90 MAX otherwise the field gets a little overcrowded and you get choke points all over the field.

First mission of the day was finding a black flag that had a box underneath with 2 counters on it. If you pressed the counter of your own team, the time started adding up. Whichever team had to most time at the end of the game (10.00 – 12.00) won. Soon as the signal was given, we rushed through the forest line in an effort to secure the flag. It was located under the sniper tower. Our blitzkrieg tactic worked! We ran out of the forest and straight to the tower. Some sniper from the red team had already reached the location before us, but a good pistol shot solved the problem. After securing the location, we received a lot of pushback from the red team (who I would say was performing better overall in the morning.) They did not manage to secure the tower anymore though, and the timer kept going untill the end of the first game. Team red did manage to secure the second objective resulting in a draw. 1 – 1.

Second part of the day, we had to find 7 flags in the field and keep them secure. Again the starting sound was given and we rushed on to the flags location. FP13 led the way only using his pistol and leaving his main to reduce weight. After about 5  – 10 minutes,  5 of the flags had already been captured and brought back to base. We made a defensive set-up so that team red would not be able to retrieve any flag. Ultimately we won the second part of the game. 2 – 1 for blue.

My findings of the day; The Chambers is quite a large field, but not large enough to incorporate 130 people. Because it is a long walk back to the spawn, players tend to become tired and start “ignoring” hits. Combine this with the heath of that day and it becomes even worse.

Aside from that, our team worked hard to push on, communicated well (shoutout to FP17 & FP05) and it is always great fun to play with you guys.

Pictures will be online soon. (Thanks FP03)

FP01 out.

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