New Home Field selected

Hi Guys, I have some good news.

We have recently discussed finding a new “Home field” for our team. A field where we will be mostly playing and training our skills. Recently we have been trying out some new locations and we think  we have found the best one.

I am happy to report that we have chosen “The Chambers” as our new home field. Most of you have already played there and know the field. We have spoken to the event organisers “Crimi Events” and they where happy to see us coming.

What does this mean? From now on, there will be regular games organised at The Chambers. We will hopefully be looking at 2 games per month. Additionally, all members of Forest Phantoms are guaranteed a spot at the field! (Thanks to Chris from Crimi events, much appreciated.)

So let’s get cracking and show our skills this year!

FP01 out.

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