Debriefing DTAG Schoten 20/06/2016

The pictures from our last game are online. Filip, Dommy and myself where present.

There where about 40 – 50 people in the game. We joined the red team. The game started off well with a game of capture the flag. The 3 of us where able to keep the left field completely covered. No one got through and the 3 of us combined shot 5 opponents and rushed to block of their spawn. This allowed the rest of the team to rush through the trenches and steal team blue’s flag. The game was over in about 30 minutes and we had no real opposition.

Our second game was more of the same, as we took control of hamburger hill. We tied of the rest of team blue that was staying locked behind the hills of their base camp. Filip gave fire support from the ridge as Dommy rushed through the canyon and up the hill of their base. Just when we prepared to storm the base, the game was over as the bomb had already gone off in their base.

The last 2 games of the day where more chaotic. As there was a lot of vegetation (Which you can see in the pictures) small skirmishes and rushes where taking place on all sides of the field. We coordinated actions and support with the 3 of us and the whole day was a good practice for teamplay. As we where always deep in the territory of the enemy team, we got team-killed a number of times by over eager red players. Some people might wish to invest in better goggles! ;-)

In the end Filips medical skills where used again when one player from the red team got shot in the ear and started bleeding a lot. Dr. Gadget to the rescue!

All-in-all a great airsoft day! Well played Filip & Dommy.

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