Some changes to the website

As you probably have seen, the site has seen some downtime recently. This was caused by hackers trying to brute-force our website down by massive user creation and running password checkers on the website administrator account. The reason they do this is not because they hate airsoft or our community, but because these are automated bot scripts. They break into as many sites as possible after which they use the sites and sites email addresses to send out spam messages.

While this was enough to bring down our website a number of times for a few days, they did not get access to our files our database. Funny as it is, this has been a good exercise in site security for me. Several safety and anti hacking features have been installed, including a plugin to stop the brute-forcing. It’s necessary because they are still trying to get in this very moment! :-)

Overall the site should now be completely stable again and I can focus on more features and airsoft, which is more important! ;-)

If you run into anything strange, let me know!

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