Debriefing ATCX @ Dark Forest 06/05/2018

Last sunday we had a great game on our hands.

The terrain was Dark Forest, the mission were pretty good, and there was an abundance of marshalls (and mosquito’s) on the field.

We had some amazing game/team-play! Including some crazy Lone Survivor moments. Were the organisation did fail is in telling us that we were out to search for blue barrels, while we had to find green ones. But aside from that everything was A-OK.

After we had found these barrels we had to blow up some forts by finding C4. This was easy enough. Was it not for the enemy team that only had to run to a nearby fort with 2 of their barrels to secure it for the rest of that round.

Anyhow after the fort mission was over the enemy team had to escort a troop transport through the field. This was a nice challenge. Only to bad they were giving unlimited time, so after quite some time of resistance they eventually made it. After this we had some left-over dominiation gameplay, but since the escort mission took up most of the afternoon this gamemode was pretty short.

The only point of critisism that I have is on the missions. In my opinion the escort mission should be timed and work with checkpoints. Also after a set amount of time the teams should have switched so both sides can compete for this objective.

All in all it was another great skirm with a bunch of great people.

Bonus: At the end of the day we got a lift back with a troop transport :D


FP04 out

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