Debriefing 08/04/2018 Nuketown XL Crimi Events

It was great weather last sunday, so good in fact that we had an indoor skirm (sadface). Anyhow we arrived on site and from the start it was clear that our team was a big part of the players that day.

The game was hosted on a terrain owned by Airsoft Adventure, but Chris from Crimi events took care of the missions that day.

In the morning the mission was a domination game. It was close in the start, but after learning the terrain our team dominated that round.

After the break, we went and played a deposit mission, where we had to deposit coins in a box in enemy terrority, we also dominated this mission. We dominated it so hard that we decided to end the game early, since most of the enemy team already went back to the safe zone to let of some steam.

After this FP forced break we went to play the last gamemode, planting charges at different bomb sites again in enemy terrority. This one was pretty meh since most players were getting tired. In the end one of the marshalls (who had been resting all day) joined the enemy team and planted the bombs (he also knew the bomb sites their locations before the game started :'(.  )

To summarize the day, it was a great experience playing with so many FP members on a CQB field. The things we learned here will come in very handy on our next visit to The Chambers.

Untill then FP04 Out

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