Debriefing TheDark Forest 27/08/2017

To summarize today in one sentence: Back to the roots!

We had a small team, only 4 members. In total there where about 70 players on the field. It was hot, dry and sunny. The forest was packed thick with light green vegetation. Simply put; Hunting season had begun! We all put on our equipment and dissapeared into the forest!

Those of you that where there when we first stared in the forest in Schoten will know what took place next. Guerilla warfare, dissapear and pop up right behind enemy lines. We took many-a-player by surprise. Sneak up and get right behind them! One guy even asked if it wasn’t forbidden to make silent kills. No sir, it definitly is not! After wreaking havoc in the enemy lines all day, people even started running away from us… Funny sight. Some scenes came straight from lone survivor. FP03 said it best: We honoured our team name.

All in all a great day to sharpen the skills!

-FP01 out

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