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G&P AEG075 Review

Review: G&P M4 with URX body kit

Based in Hong Kong, G&P has a long history of creating beautiful and bad-ass MilSim and training designs. Their main purpose is to provide airsofters everywhere with high-end models and to never sacrifice quality over cost.

Following this philosophy each G&P AEG is assembled by hand and fine-tuned by experienced technicians. Their collection is not limited to just AEGs, they also produce Spring shotguns and gas platforms, so anyone interested has a wide assortment to choose from.

G&P is a firm believer in CNC precision machining and real-steel coating, which is why most of their products look and feel like real weapons. Overall, G&P is the go-to brand when you want a reliable close or medium-range weapon.

Platform: The G&P aeg075 that I am reviewing is a standard m4 replica with an URX body kit so it is compatible with most m4 magazine brands. It runs a standard v2 8mm Bearing Gearbox so enough upgrade parts are available.

First impression: When I held this replica for the first time it felt very solid and reliable. Full metal body with some nice extra features, the urx kit. For me personally the ball grip design on the magazine and pistol grip made the difference for me. It gives an extra cool look to this aeg.

Field test: Out of the box it shoots decent. Bb’s fly straight with a good range. In woodland environment this aeg gave me the feeling that it missed a bit of power. I had a new  hopup system with flat hop, barrel, cylinder, piston, nozzle, mosfet installed at After the upgrades the replica performed way better. The range improved alot.

A Good thing to mention is that none of these components had signs of wear on them after 1,5 -2 years of use, so if you’re planning on running it stock, that’s no problem at all.


  • Good & Cool solid metal body
  • Good quality of internals
  • Reliable starting replica


  • Needs upgrades to improve its range and precision
  • magazines cost 18€ if you want to follow the ball grip patern


This replica was a perfect match for me as a starting airsoft player. With a medium budget I could start straight away and save up to do major upgrades after 1,5 years. This m4 replica didn’t let me down at all. In 2 years it only had one problem which was the mosfet that failed.

FP05 Out


– MOTS Metal Body (Black)
– URX III RAS (Short)
– 11″ Heat Sink Outer Barrel
– URX Flashider (Clockwise)
– 130 rds Mid-Cap Magazine (Black)
– Flash QD Flip Up Sight
– Military 600m Flip Up Rear Sight
– Crane Type Buttstock (Black)
– URX III Rail Cover x 2
– URX III Finger Stop x 1

-7.2v or 8.4v Battery
-G&P M120 Hi-Speed
-Inner Barrel Length: 11″ / 290mm
– V2 8mm Bearing Gearbox
-Material: Metal & ABS
-Length: 695mm / 775mm
-Magazine Capacity: 130
-Color: Black

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Forest Phantoms @ The Shelter 05/08/2018

Today (05/08) we played at the shelter. This was the first time our team organised a shirm. We organized it with Tom from A4A who is the host of the site. The location is a cqb area that was new for most of the players of FP. The building itself is an old slaughterhouse and it has loads of different rooms and hallways each with plenty of space to take cover. Freezing cells, desk, containment area, you name it.

Because it was a smaller group of players, we had to mix up both Forest Pantoms and Team Breakout Airsoft ( Teams where randomly picked. So this time, Phantoms had to take out each other instead of playing together. The first few games were a bit hard because we didn’t know our teammates and we didn’t know the field. But there where a lot of rushes and fast skirmishes.

During the day we had some breaks and 5 of different games. We started with 2 team deathmatch games and went on to a base nodes game. Second last was a game of collecting coins. Every time you shot someone from the opposing team you would get one additional coin, starting out with 5. First team to have a member get up to 10 points won. Our own FP06 won that game swiftly. After the game it turned out another member had also reached 10 coins, so it was a double win. The last hour of the day, we changed teams so the phantoms got back together to finish off the game and we did with a nice round pistol-only!

With this post I would like to thank everyone that was there today to make this another amazing airsoft experience. Also our thanks to the people from other teams (Team Breakout airsoft) and friends who joined us today!

p.s. there will be more games like these and we will try to learn from our mistakes in organising events like these

FP05 out!

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Debriefing ATCX @ Dark Forest 06/05/2018

Last sunday we had a great game on our hands.

The terrain was Dark Forest, the mission were pretty good, and there was an abundance of marshalls (and mosquito’s) on the field.

We had some amazing game/team-play! Including some crazy Lone Survivor moments. Were the organisation did fail is in telling us that we were out to search for blue barrels, while we had to find green ones. But aside from that everything was A-OK.

After we had found these barrels we had to blow up some forts by finding C4. This was easy enough. Was it not for the enemy team that only had to run to a nearby fort with 2 of their barrels to secure it for the rest of that round.

Anyhow after the fort mission was over the enemy team had to escort a troop transport through the field. This was a nice challenge. Only to bad they were giving unlimited time, so after quite some time of resistance they eventually made it. After this we had some left-over dominiation gameplay, but since the escort mission took up most of the afternoon this gamemode was pretty short.

The only point of critisism that I have is on the missions. In my opinion the escort mission should be timed and work with checkpoints. Also after a set amount of time the teams should have switched so both sides can compete for this objective.

All in all it was another great skirm with a bunch of great people.

Bonus: At the end of the day we got a lift back with a troop transport 😀


FP04 out

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Debriefing Crimi Events @ Final Destination 21/04/2018

The weather this saturday was great, perfect for an outside skirm. The location of the event was Meerle, in a forest normally used by an artist to exhibit his artworks.

There were 2 gamemodes one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The one in the morning can easily be dismissed at it was a complete joke. This terrain is twice the size of darkforest and the mission going on that morning used just a tiny portion of the terrain. The effect was that because everyone was so concentrated on these spots, you got flanked. A lot. The only solution was to flank this flank, but this flanking took you away from the objective (Flank you very much.). And even when you flanked their flank, they’d be flanking the flank your flanking! Which was very counter productive to actually participate with the objective.

Anyhow enough flanking. 😉

I also have to mention that there were a couple of confusions around the use of pyro’s. The organisation cleary stated at the start of the event: NO PYRO’S. So you can understand that we were a little pissed that FP03 and myself got fragged, by a loud pyro, 2 seperate times. The users claimed that some marshal said it was okay. This was bullshit because earlier that day Chris from CRIMI and the spokesperson of ATCX stated that there were no explosive frag grenades allowed.

In the afternoon there was a new mission, driving a 2 truck convoy through the forest. We were on the escorting side. This mission was impossible due to the nature of the terrain. Since you had to be in front of the vehicles for them to move running straight into dug in enemy players.

After the organisation figured out this wouldn’t work, they changed the route to the main road. Which was a (excuse my language) complete and utter shite idea. First of all the main road had 2 treelines running along it, they were used as cover. The thing is you could only use one side of the treeline. Which forced us take cover behind the trucks or take cover behind the trees on our right-hand side. So most of us were using the trees, but there was a catch. We could only shoot to the left of the trees (shooting from your left shoulder) due to the foliage which gave us a major disadvantage.

All of this combined with the slow paced game-play due to high temperatures, lack of motivation and the whole thing being a walking simulator we called the day early.

To end this debrief I think I speak for everyone that this event was a disappointment. The terrain itself was great, but the mission weren’t thought out and lacked substance.

The verdict: Great people, great terrain but a not so great realization of the missions.

-FP04 Out


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