Debriefing Dark Forest 13/05/2017


TL;DR Bad mission set-up, Good fun

Last saturday it was time to check out Dark Forest, since it has been undergoing a lot of changes.

We started the day of with a bang ( well at least for me ). Going on a 5 man kill streak the first 10 minutes of the game. The first mission would take the whole afternoon(!) and just consisted of one simple objective. Set a timer in an enemy fort.

Not only we’re we unable to mount an assault because of the (unknown) location of the fort. But the main bulk of our force consisted out of new players only out to hunt each other.

Taking this in consideration you also have to add the fact that our 2 DMR’s had tech issue’s so we had no chance at taking those long range shots. (which we needed)

After spending the whole morning playing this one game mode we realised that this whole day, supervising about 60+- players there were only 2 teenage marshalls.

Who lets be honest did absolute fuck all from a mission perspective.

All in all we changed our mindset to join the bulk of the force and just have a great time shooting the enemy.

In the afternoon  there was another gamemode. The objective was to take and hold as many of the 5 forts as possible. This gamemode did however work better with the non intervening marshalls (and never changing gamemodes).

Our main effort that afternoon consisted of assaulting one of the forts. Which was pretty hard to do.

At the start the enemy was dug in deep in the new improved trenches and behind the new dirt mounds. But after some contesting we managed to push them back.

Now that we closed in on the fort we started the assault.

SIDE NOTE: Since the lunch break Dlox his gun broke so he only had his trusty glock and his communication skills.

With me pushing the assault and Daan mustering up the forces (including most of our new Forest Phantoms members. Shout out to those guys). We finally managed to take the fort that was held by  2 remaining players. 1 enemy assault player and 1 enemy Machinegunner who both shot “illegaly” through small holes in the fort (Good job right there marshalls).

Anyhow here is where the fun began. We held the fort while the enemy did mindless charge assaults at our newly taken fort. Heres where Dlox managed to gets 11 pistol kills in a matter of minutes because of his sneaking skills.

The rest of the game was a crossfire between our entrenched postition and their assault. And let met put it this way: The enemy players had to walk a lot.

Now the summary of the entire day. (Don’t know how the games turned out and who won since the “marshalls” didn’t check on this.)

Putting al the objectives aside and just enjoying the gameplay it was a good day. We did some fun things and thats what matters.

Notice that I didn’t agree with the organization of that day. But hey they did have a lot of bachelor party players and their main focus was on them.

Pity  though this had to come at the expense of the experience of the normal players.

To end this on a positive note, we did group up with our team and had a fun day. And let’s be honest, in the end that’s what matters the most.

FP-04 out

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