[TG] Guns

After years of testing, trying and building, we have reached a concensus on the best guns money can buy. In terms of build quality, realism and performance, Tokyo Marui is still king. Based on this, we can advice to you all of the guns below.


Tokyo Marui, NEXT-GEN HK417 Recoil Shock

Tokyo Marui, NEXT-GEN SCAR-H

Tokyo Marui, NEXT-GEN SCAR-L

Below we will give some information on what to upgrade. Remember that TM out of the box fires 280 FPS. You will want to upgrade this to 360 FPS. With Airsoftshop, you can order the first 2 upgrade options when you buy your gun from the store. Remember, all TM guns will shoot decent out of the box so you will not have to spend extra money from the start. These upgrades are only needed if you want to push your gun to the limits. (You know you want to… ;-) )

Internal Upgrades

  1. FPS upgrade to 350 / 360 FPS.
  2. Lipo compatibility upgrade. (Make sure to go with Deans connectors.)
  3. eDGi 6,03 mm Barrel.
  4. Rhop hopup
  5. Mosfet install. (We highly advise: Spectre MK II for Next gen or the new Titan for Next gen mosfet which is soon to be released.)


External Upgrades

Protection / Casing: