Debriefing The Chambers 17/02/2019

This weekend our team got split up and played at the shelter and at The Chambers. This debrief is about our game at the chambers with four players: FP05,FP16,FP44,FP29.

The day started of great, we had great weather for starters and I felt it was going to be a promising day.

However when we arrived at the briefing we quickly realized that it would be a crowded day, this because of a famous youtuber/airsofter (Kicking Mustang) from the UK came over  so that might be why we had over 150 players joining the game.

The missions that day were :Find fuel cans secure dynamite and destroy the enemy stronghold with it (rooftop).

With only us four we managed to stick together for most part of the game. Thanks to our comms we took some strategic points multiple times

I was lucky to have great team members on my side and together with the great weather it was an awesome day!

See you guys soon

FP05 Out

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