Debrief Sunday 25/03/2018 @ the chambers

You know those kickass airsoft days when everything just goes great?

Well this sunday was one of those days!

Although the day didn’t start so promising for some team members. Like FP17, he had major air issues with his hpa rifle and once at the field he had to fall back on his (broken) aeg. Luckily FP16 has the skills and knowhow to make this AEG a quick fix. (his aeg that is. RIP his hpa) Thanks to FP13 who brought an extra spring with him to the skirm.

What a team effort even pre-game 😀

The weather was great as well. Lots of sun and no wind at all. Just a great day to pepper the enemy team with BB’s.

We had an attendance of 11 Forest Phantoms. This paired with the people who played with us for the first time via a friend or relative. Made us a force to be reckoned with on the field.

From the start it was obvious that the enemy team would have a rough day as they started with most, if not all, players with rental kits.

We all started airsoft that way but you know that playing without team, without comms is hard. Anyway they did put up a fight … sort of.

In the morning we had to collect flags and bring them back to the respawn area, our FP01 (yes I’m referring to him as an it not as a he) did a glorious sweep and brought back 3-4 flags after just 5 minutes gameplay.

After that speedy start we had the enemy surrounded,we controlled all mission objectives and the biggest part of the field.

In the afternoon there was an engineer VIP that had to blow up strategic strongholds placed all over the field. We changed our respawn with the enemy team but again we controlled all mission objectives and the biggest part of the field in no time.

At 14.00 h our FP01 decided to defect over to the enemy team with the whole FP squad. We tried our best to help team orange (prior our enemies) have some fun and kick some ass. But most of them already lacked motivation (after our ass-whooping given to them prior to this switch).

As a bonus event, crimi-events added in an extra fun factor that would last the whole day: an easter bunny aka Cleanshot!

He was given an EASTER BUNNY SUIT and his mission was to collect as much eggs as possible. You could only kill the bunny with knife or pyro and he was armed with just a shotgun so it added a lot of fun to a great day!

Overall we can say that we have again met new people and  introduced them to the world of airsoft and lets hope we can add them to our team. It also great to notice that people really start to recognise the Forest Phantoms on the field

FP05 Out!


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