Debriefing Da factory 12/03/2017

This day had a lot of potential to be a beautiful airsoft Sunday, good team, good weather and a new area where most of us had not played before.

With 6 members we went to Charleroi to play a CQB event in “da factory” organized “airsoft Kempen”.
After a somewhat long and boring debriefing about the organization and little on the terrain we were launched as missiles to, led by a marshal that played along with us, fall into a trap by team red and to be almost completely annihilated. Afterwards it Appeared to be a mistake of the organisation. The site has a lot of potential, but because 85% of the 60 participants played for the first time at “da factory” we got lost in the game and in the buildings. finally we played more with handgun than with our main replicas. All aspects of the day aggregated we must conclude that this was not a high-flyer today. We didn’t even finish the game.

On to the next skirm, heads up an chest ahead!

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  1. Daan Lochs says:

    Can’t always be Christmas, but good thing that we now know not go with this organisation again. If the terrain is indeed good, we can find other organisations that play there and go with them next time! 🙂

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