Sunday Gunday

Forest Phantoms!

Like you guys may have noticed in the tab “events” we will join a skirm by crimi events @ “The Chambers” on 12/02/17. We will be there with a large number of members (+-13) to participate. So fun guaranteed!

For those who haven’t played @ “The Chambers’ yet you can find a map here on the site here. If the link is not available for you please contact Dlox and he will add you to the member list. Before the game, you should definitely check out the Forest Phantoms youtube channel. Dlox has made some wonderful movies of the gameplay @ “The Chambers”! Don’t forget to like, share and sub to our channel!

Also To stay in touch with each other, we have now created a Whatsapp group. If your are not included in the group, send your cell-number to Dlox or Jlox.

See you @ “The Chambers”

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3 Responses to Sunday Gunday

  1. Dlox says:

    Goed gedaan! 🙂
    Ik tracht mij deze avond nog bezig te houden met het aanmaken van onze eigen maps template!

  2. Dlox says:

    Bij deze zijn die ook aangemaakt! :-p (Members only stuck, dus inloggen als je ze wil zien.)

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